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Terms and conditions

Thank you for visiting our website. Be sure to carefully read the Terms and Conditions presented on this page, as any use of this website means that you accept the Terms and Conditions presented herein.

Website Privacy Policy

Any content or personal data that are sent to the Day Off Suite&Hostel website to the Privacy Policy and protection of personal data presented in the Privacy Policy.

Accuracy, integrity and temporality of information

Although all means at our disposal are used to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the information on this website, we do not assume, under any circumstances, any responsibility if the information provided is not accurate or complete. Any modification you make to the content available on this website will be made at your own risk and, therefore, you are responsible for monitoring such changes.

Data Transmission

Any content or communication of non-personal data that you send us to this website via email or any other means, containing data, questions, comments, suggestions or similar will be treated as non-confidential data and without proprietary rights.

Any and all information you send us or post on our website becomes the property of Day Off Suite&Hostel and may be used under any circumstances, including, but not limited to, dissemination, reproduction, transmission, publication, dissemination and placement of content on the web. Furthermore, Day Off Suite&Hostel is completely free to use, for any purpose it deems appropriate (including, but not limited to, product development, production, advertising and marketing), ideas, creative works, inventions, development, suggestions, and concepts in general present in any communication you send us. Its use is exempt from monetary compensation to the party that made the information available.

When you submit information on the Day Off Suite&Hostel website, you simultaneously guarantee that the contents of it are your responsibility and not defamatory, and that the use by Associação ACB - Albergue Cidade de Barcelos will not violate any rights of third parties, nor will applicable law. Day Off Suite&Hostel is not obligated to use the information provided.

Intellectual Property Rights

All copyright and other intellectual property rights inherent to texts, images and other content in general available on this website are owned by Day Off Suite and Hostel or used by it with the permission of the respective owner.

You are authorized to browse, reproduce extracts of content from this website through print and download to a hard drive for the purpose of dissemination to other individuals. This situation is only allowed under the condition that copyright and other intellectual rights are respected, and provided that a mention is made to the Day Off Suite&Hostel. The total or partial reproduction of the website for commercial purposes is prohibited, as well as its alteration or incorporation in any other article, publication or website.

Any trademarks, logos or other distinctive signs present on this website are property of Day Off Suite&Hostel. No content on this website may be construed as granting a license, authorization or right to use any trademarks mentioned therein. The incorrect or abusive use or use of the registered trademarks or any other content on this website is expressly prohibited, except as provided for in these Terms and Conditions. We advise that Day Off Suite&Hostel will use all legal mechanisms to protect and enforce its intellectual property rights.



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